Member Requirements



To be inducted, you must have a 90 or above in your previous math class.

To remain a member, you must maintain an 85 or above in your math classes.

Service Hours

Each member will be required to complete club or math-related hours as set at the beginning of each school year. These hours shall be no less than 14 total per year (at least 4 of which must be tutoring) for current members, and these hours are to be completed as of early May. No hours will be accepted after this date. No more than three hours can be obtained from any one event. There is a maximum of 7 hours for tutoring.


Members will be required to tutor at least four hours and this tutoring must be conducted in the presence of a school official. All tutoring must be arranged through the club and hours forms must be signed by the teacher of the student being tutored.


Every member is required to attend all meetings, unless he/she receives an excused absence. Then, they are required to read the agenda of the meeting and complete the absence confirmation form within three school days of the missed meeting. Current members and associates are allowed only three unexcused absences before they are placed on probation.


New Member - $35

Returning Member - $25

Senior Charms - $7


Members may be placed on probation for any of the following reasons:

1.  Suspension from school

2.  Math average falls below 85

3.  Conduct unbecoming for a

     member, including cheating

4.  3 unexcused absences from club meetings


A member is allowed only two probations for the duration of their membership, for any reason. A third offense will result in their permanent dismissal from Mu Alpha Theta.

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