Sponsor: Mrs. Higbee

Email: shigbee@rcsd.ms


Sponsor: Ms. Draper

Email: fai201@rcsd.ms

Sponsor: Dr. Dumas

Email: adrienne.dumas@rcsd.ms

President: Sophia Chung

Email: sc9573@students.rcsd.ms

Vice President: Emilie Mai

Email: emm5530@students.rcsd.ms

Secretary: Denny Zhang

Email: dsj9429@students.rcsd.ms

Treasurer: Allycea Huskey

Email: amh5644@students.rcsd.ms


Webmaster: Kathleen Pierce

Email: ksp6520@students.rcsd.ms


Scrapbook Chair: Avery McAuley

Email: anm8953@students.rcsd.ms


Banner Chair/Logo Chair: Nivedha Kosalram

Email: nk6542@students.rcsd.ms

Video Chair: Kanarie Smith and Bryce Sangster

Email: kan106@students.rcsd.ms  mbs9038@students.rcsd.ms


Problem Solving Chair: Sarah Williams

Email: saw8299@students.rcsd.ms

Requests? Concerns?

Webmaster: Kathleen Pierce


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