New Hour Requirements!

  • We understand that you may have relied on classroom tutoring, recycling, convention, etc. for your remaining hours

  • New requirements are as follows:

    • At least 10 hours due for people who signed up for convention this year

    • At least 11 hours for those who didn't sign up for convention

  • If you have hours that you have yet to submit, make sure to do so ASAP 

    • We will accept hours from anytime during the 3rd Nine Weeks

  • Email Denny Zhang if you have any questions about probation or your hours

  • If you would like to discuss a special case, email Sophia Chung ASAP

Mandatory Projects

1 additional hour penalty each for non-participation

Classroom Tutoring = 4 hours

Recycling Program = 3 hours

Meeting Attendance = 1 hour

School Beautification = 1 hour

Club Activities/Community Service Max. of 2 Hours Each

Problem of the Month

Ink Recycling

Christmas Family


T-Shirt and Logo (Max of 1 hour)

Video and Scrapbook


Max. of 5 hours Total

Technology Fund

Walmart Cards

Beautification Supplies

Art Dept. Candy Project

Algebra 1 Breakfast

Yankee Candle Sale


  • In light of COVID-19, is committed to serving communities and individuals facing hunger across America

  • GiveDirectly is also helping families in poverty by giving cash

  • You can donate the following amounts to either organization

    • $10 = 1 hr

    • $20 = 2 hr

    • $30 = 3 hr

  • Forward your donation confirmation email to Denny Zhang

  • Email Sophia Chung if you have any questions

Yankee Cande Sale

  • The Yankee Candle fundraiser is still going on!

  • Sell online and pay online

    • Invite friends and family to purchase candles through email!

  • 1 hour for every $25 sold, up to 3 hours

  • Get started here

  • Group number is 990061862

  • Email Mrs. Higbee if you have questions

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