Updated Tutoring Requirements!

  • If you had 2 sessions completed (doesn’t matter if it’s classroom or regular, we’ll take either semester), you are good to go!

  • If you did not do enough tutoring this year, you may submit 1 service hr per tutoring session

    • For example, if you are missing 1 session, submit 1 hour

    • If you are missing 2 sessions, submit 2 hours

    • See the next few slides for info on how to earn service hours

  • Email Emilie Mai if you have any questions

Online Tutoring

  • If you would like to get tutoring hours to avoid probation or would like to get a headstart on your tutoring hours for the 2020-2021 school year, tutor students online through Flipgrid!

  • Officers will match you with a younger student with specific questions for math topics, and you can explain through a 3-5 min Flipgrid or share a video through Google Drive

  • Email Sophia Chung if interested

If you need a tutor, click the button above and you will be assigned a tutor!

Requests? Concerns?

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